Every Business has overheads and running costs as we are all well aware. When you first set up shop, you naturally want to try and keep them as low as possible to increase your cash flow. The early days of business are the hardest, especially for newcomers to owning and operating their own business, you don’t want to make any costly mistakes, must find a healthy balance and use your allocated setup funds wisely. Often the SIGN WRITING is left to the very end when funds often get low.
Please keep in mind that your signage is perhaps the most important feature of your shop, your window to success.

Here some useful advice from AL:

Wherever your shop, whatever your business the key principles of marketing communication remain constant. It should be remembered that people, even if they may be interested in your products and services may not see your signage for long, they will almost certainly not have any interest in interpreting your sign to see if you can do anything for them, so your message must be crystal clear, memorable and concise.

The notes below may appear to be statements of the obvious, but Al’s experience and market research indicates that it is all too easy in the excitement of the moment, or as a reflection of fashion, for designs to be commissioned that are much less effective than the ideal. The result of this can be lost business and profits.

Content of your signage

Research has demonstrated consistently over more than thirty years that the maximum number of individual pieces of information that can be extracted by a consumer from a television advertisement is three. Sign graphics are little different but are generally seen in environments in which it is less likely that information will be absorbed.
If you are a major national food supermarket chain it is easy, all you need do is to show your name and a brand proposition clearly.

All businesses are different, we all cater for different markets and target groups and they will react differently to a variety of stimuli.

It is necessary to show:   A. Company Name  B. Nature of Business  C. Contact Details

Memorable telephone numbers or web site addresses can be invaluable

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