ONE OFF  FABRIC PAINTING –  individually masked & Hand Painted items

For single garment custom orders we offer a unique service which will give you a finish that can clearly be identified as being Hand Painted. A self adhesive mask will be cut and applied to the garment during the painting process. This allows us to overlay several coats of different colour inks to give it a truly unique marbleized look before the mask is removed. Images can be edited as required and text can be added to personalise a brilliant ONE OFF gift.

Advanced Cold Cure Inks allow us to paint on almost anything.

The cost for this service depends largely on the degree of detail in your image and finished size of artwork.
A medium detail image like the sample below can be PAINTED onto any garment, cost as shown.


A medium detailed image as shown at the left costs:

$45 up to A5 in size, any 2 colours as shown
$55 up to A4 in size, any 2 colours as shown
$75 up to A3 in size, any 2 colours as shown

  • These prices cover artwork only, not including any garments.

  Email your photos and/or designs to determine the degree of detail for a customised quote.

email :

or phone 0400 019 045